Let the translations of your products be done in the background

Integrate LangsHelper to your app and it will take care of the interaction with the translators. You don't need to change your current localization scheme and the translation files format.

This library automates most of the translations related actions: Accepting the translations of your app from the users, downloading them in your app, notifying the users that the translation to their system language has become available, notifying the translators about the new versions, and so on.

How it works

Involve your users to translate your apps and enter the global market

The top 10 Internet languages are: English (949 million users), Chinese (752 M), Spanish (277), Arabic (168), Portuguese (155), Janapese (115), Malaysian (109), Russian (103), French (102) and German (84)*.

With LangsHelper it is easy to involve your applications' users in translating into these languages as well as less popular ones.

* - According to internetworldstats.com.

How it works

No need to wait for the translators when you release a new version

The users' translations are stored on the server and submitted there by the translators via the site. Therefore, just release the new version and when the translation for it appears on the server, it will appear in your app.

Localizations from trusted translators are automatically updated for all users of your app

If you give extended rights to a translator then if he updates the translation via the site, it will be automatically updated for all users of your app with the previous version of this translation.

Translators email notifications

Automatically email notification to your application's translators that the new version is released and it is necessary to update the translation. There is automatic re-notification of the linked translator if the translation is still not updated after some time.

Viewing the user's translations rating

The library automatically asks the users who have just enabled a new translation whether its quality is good or poor. Based on these answers, each translation's rating is displayed in your admin's account.

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