This event means that there is an unofficial translation to a more suitable language for the current system on the server, but in the program another language is currently active.

To download and enable the recommended translation, pass this object to TTranslationsSiteInteraction::LanguageSwitch.



TTranslationsEvent_LanguageSwitchPossible (
  const TProxyServerSettings &ProxyServerSettings,
  const TOnSiteTranslation &OnSiteTranslation)
constructor Create(const ProxyServerSettings: TProxyServerSettings;
  const OnSiteTranslation: TOnSiteTranslation); overload;

Usually, there is no need to create this class manually in the client code.


Returns the information about the translation on the server associated with the event.


TOnSiteTranslation GetOnSiteTranslation() const;
function GetOnSiteTranslation: TOnSiteTranslation;

Return value: Item of the type TOnSiteTranslation.

Parameters: None.