This event means that a newer translation to the current language is available on the site. It is already downloaded to the translations folder and ready to use. This updated translation can be fetched as a local translation through the GetUpdatedTranslation member function.

To download and enable the recommended translation, pass this object to TTranslationsSiteInteraction::LanguageSwitch.



TTranslationsEvent_TranslationUpdated (
  const TOnSiteTranslation &UpdatedTranslation,
  const TLocalTranslation &LocalTranslation)
constructor Create(const UpdatedTranslation: TOnSiteTranslation;
  const LocalTranslation: TLocalTranslation); overload;

Usually, there is no need to create this class manually in the client code.


Returns the information provided by the server for the updated translation.


TOnSiteTranslation GetUpdatedTranslation() const;
function GetUpdatedTranslation: TOnSiteTranslation;

Return value: Item of the type TOnSiteTranslation.

Parameters: None.


Returns the local translation, which was just downloaded from the translations site as a local translation that is ready for applying.


TLocalTranslation GetLocalTranslation() const;
function GetLocalTranslation: TLocalTranslation;

Return value: Item of the type TLocalTranslation.

Parameters: None.