Customizing the Translators’ Page

Every account has a public page for the potential and existing translators of your products. Such pages have your account name in the address, for example:

The translators’ page may be customized to display any information that is necessary for the translators of your applications. This can be step-by-step instructions on making the translation, benefits of translating your product, the download links to the tools used for it, screen shots, logos of your products or company, and so on.

The customization is achieved by specifying the header and the footer of the translators’ page in the HTML form. The middle part of the page is always allocated for the server-generated info about your account’s applications and the translations available for them.

When specifying the header and the footer of the page, you may use the Bootstrap framework components and CSS styles in your code.

Any images that your HTML code is pointing to can be uploaded into your account for convenience.

To customize the translators’ page, log in to your LangsHelper account, click Settings at the top, and then click Page customization below.