Main Scenario

We will show the integration using the example of the demo application named Sample Program.

Its compiled version is located in the Bin subfolder.

The sources are located in the Cpp or Delphi subfolder, depending on the platform. For example, the Visual C++ project is located in: Cpp\Demos\SampleProgram\VC.

The project is compatible with Visual Studio 2008 or newer, Delphi 7 or newer, MinGW and C++ Builder.

To open the project in CLion or Qt Creator, use the file Cpp\Demos\SampleProgram\CMakeLists.txt.

Please note that, if you are familiar with the CMake tool, you will find the project for it. This may help to create the compiler make files targeted specifically for the compiler you use.

Let us take a look at the Sample Program. It is a small demo application, which has only two translations pre-installed: for the English and German languages. They are stored in the English.lng and German.lng files in the Langs subfolder. This folder does not have other pre-installed language files yet.

In the sections below, by the example of the Sample Program demo application, the key places in the code where the library integration is done are shown: